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Tuesday 9 to 6:30 p.m., in Center Cultural CAFAE-SE, Av. Arequipa 2985, San Isidro - Lima.

Son de los Diablos“They are of the devils”, 2004 (56 ') of Phillip Jonston
Co-director Rafael Santa Cruz.
Format: Mini DV
Time: 56 '
Photography: Phillip Johnston
Production “Latin American Encounter” and “Cimarrones” .
Country: Peru.

The black carnival Has been of the devils exists for already more than 300 years, but almost it was extinguished. After 16 years of absence, it returned to the streets of Lima, by the commemoration of the 150 years of the abolition of the slavery in Peru.

A group of artists decides to remove to the streets from the Rímac the old afroperuana dance Are of the devils.

In this documentary one we will know the preparations, the dance, the route and what they tell to excellent personages like Victory Santa  Cruz, the actress Ana Correa, the investigator Monica Rojas, among others.
Documentary-Video Digitalis-color-56 minutes.


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