Base Politic of Afroperuanas the Integral Organizations of the Strategic Alliance Caribbean Afrolatinoamericana and.

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T. Hermes Palma Quiroz.
(Black Association “Margarita”).

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I. - Antecedent:

It does a little more than three decades began the tendiente process to obtain the revaloración and visibility of the afros in Peru . Since then several have been the spaces and the organizations whose intentions lead to the development of the afroperuano town; the tests, efforts, calls in search of fortifying its organization, as well as the unit, joint and cultural reaffirmation, under the model of the Afro-American ones; they gave lights in the seventy.

The Eighties gave birth to new organizations, some of them of academic perspective in the search of our own history, others promoted qualifications in the communities referring to organization, leadership, identity, self-esteem, among other subjects related to the afroperuana necessity, in addition, of the fight against the discrimination, fomenting the unrestricted respect to the Human rights.

From then for diverse reasons, new organizations with different subjects were being created; but under a single horizon, that is to say, to contribute to revalue, to generate better conditions of life for the afrodescendientes in Peru . The work scene was located throughout the Peruvian coast, because there it is the greater percentage of communities and population afro.

It is evident that in happening of the times, all the organizations at their moment and space, have contributed to the degree of visibility that until the moment has obtained the afroperuano movement, within the national and international scope. Nevertheless, we recognize that to the light of the facts discrepancies were generated, controversies (superable), between some institutions as well as leaders, causing malaise, doubts, skepticism on the part of the town afro and the other organizations.

These and other reasons have debilitated the possibility of a space of joint operation in favor of the afroperuanos. In effect, just in the last decade unit tests have been generated that imply to respect the dynamics of work of each institution; but establishing a scene of coincidences and unitary proposals that fortify the process, doing more solid our demands, as well as our vindications.

In year two thousands, Mesa Afro was created, whose creation contributed much to the afroperuana participation in the Pre-conference of Santiago of Chile and III the Conference in Durban South Africa; in he himself year, thousands the one made the last trimester of two, is created the Afroperuano Forum like answer to the necessity of a group that makes the pursuit to the actions implemented by the Peruvian state from the agreements of Durban.

In two thousands the four, were celebrated some interinstitutional agreements, also when commemorating itself the one hundred fifty years of the abolition of the slavery in Peru , is born Mesa de Trabajo Afroperuana, impelled in their beginnings by the afrodescendientes parliamentarians. In spite of the enunciated advances, uniformity has not been obtained, that is to say, platform, speech and joint interpretation of the reality, worsening this weakness to not to have generated the political base, as well as the Programmatic Axes that construct the solid foundations of the movement.

The creation of the Coordinator of the Afroperuanas Organizations, members of the Strategic Alliance Caribbean Afrolatinoamericana and, opened a new perspective of work altogether; but conscious of the necessity to generate political, programmatic a base that fixes the map course of this space.

II.- Problematic.
It is evident that the Afroperuano Movement, suffers from several weaknesses that hinder the advance made the unit, visibility, revaloración and inclusion of the afrodescendientes in Peru . Within her we have:

III.- Objective.
The primary target is to generate the base, as well as the programmatic axes of the coordinator of the integral afroperuanas organizations of the Strategic Alliance Caribbean Afrolatinoamericana political and, to effect progressively to fix the fundamental lineamientos that they guide the destinies of this colegiado and that they are assumed, by the movement as a whole.

IV. Base Politic.
The Coordinator of the afroperuanas, integral organizations of Caribbean the Afrolatinoamericana Alliance and, like all unit that she tries to become a space of development and social vindication, has in her political base the historical legacy of our ancestros, based on our cultural inheritance, translated in the preservation of the custom, tradition, solidarity, the resistance before the adverse circumstances (slavery), her significant contribution in the construction of the Peruvian nation and the permanent search of her freedom. She is inspired, in addition, in other facts of protagonism afro; such as the work of Martin de Porres, life in palenques of Francisco the Congo, Pedro Leon Escobar, the revolts of slaves - black farmers, the fight by the civil rights of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and his permanent combat to the system of racial segregation in South Africa (Aparthied).

These facts, as well as the personages, exert a significant influence in the construction of the collective thought of the coordinator, their members, conscientious that scenes of joint generate alliances, that the joint ideas construct solid proposals, convinced that our fight of today demands new leaderships, that the exile of the discrimination in its different variables will lay the way of the inclusion for the marginalized ones, “that the equality like the freedom and the life, only deserve it that daily they have to conquer it”. An authentic, original and integral change to be, must obtain justice, peace and fairness.

V. - Programmatic Axes.
The seven programmatic points fix the lineamientos of the coordinator, agglutinating completely the problems matter of solution in favor of the afrodescendientes of Peru .

5.1.- By the Use of the Democratic System.
The coordinator is a space of fight by the equality that promotes the inclusion, empoderamiento and development of the afrodescendientes in the Peru, understands to the democracy like the way that allows to obtain fairness, tolerance, respect, peace and justice, elements that guarantee the pacific coexistence in a town that looks for better conditions and level life.

5.2.- Promotion of the Human rights and Development.
The fight by the use of the human rights, comprises of the primary targets of the coordinator, because their members are convinced that the fight by the equality, demands their unrestricted respect, as well as to defend and to promote the use like inalienable, inherent legal value to all human person.

The Human rights, promote and defend among other values a worthy life and decent, said in other terms, it guarantees the development of the person. In our case, the promotion to the development constitutes one of the essential goals of the alliance that is born indeed like space that generates better possibilities for a society without discrimination.

5.3.- Insertion in Networks and Joint with the Community the International.
It is essential that the work in favor of the afrodescendientes, it is integrated to other spaces that fortify their activities, creating possibilities of negotiation in different levels that extend the national sphere and being inserted in the mission that in favor of our towns makes the international community as well as the civil institutions, guaranteeing the sustainable development of the process and progressively incorporating the towns in exclusion; specially the afroperuanos and affecting the policies that must fulfill the states parts.

5.4.- Fight against all type of Corruption.
During the history of Peru in their different stages, several facts of corruption have followed one another that comprises of our ominous side, from its conquest at the hands of the Spanish followers headed by Francisco Pizarro, to the Nineties. Nevertheless, the afroperuanos, we can say with hidalguía but without vanity, that we have not been part of any act of corruption related to the national political life.                                             

The coordinator is born having like primary target of her foundation, the exile of the minimum indication of corruption inside and outside this space; giving sample of transparency, reflected in each one of our actions.

5.5.- Afroperuana in the Spaces of Decision Is present at.
The work is important that the organizations come making in favor of the town afro, trying its revaloración and inclusion in the sphere of the daily task, nevertheless, this task must generate basically its insertion in the spaces of decision making that implies, in addition, to participate in the public and political life of the country, assuming a protagónico paper, generating propose that soon becomes state actions in favor of our town.

5.6.- Alliances and Solidarity with other Excluded Groups.
The dynamics of a world every day but money changer demands the establishment of some strategies that allow to confront the challenges that to us the globalización imposes; said this, one becomes necessary to incorporate within the vindication process afro, the establishment of strategic alliances with other excluded groups, specially those marginalized because of his cultural origin, social, economic condition. This agreement would fulfill two aims; to support to us, to hermanar to us with the mentioned groups and of another side, to fortify the process, doing more forts our demands and exigencies.

5.7.- Afro Town as Destiny.
It is evident that who we participated in this process by conviction, not by occasion, we are conscientious of which all our work, effort, activities, negotiations, agreements, agreements or alliances, have a single aim, that is to say, the afroperuano town. Ours to walk, it is not fundamentally personal or institutional empoderamiento, driving newspaper constitutes permanent delivery in benefit of the communities with presence of afrodescendientes, from Lima to the most moved away of the country, thus and only thus we will honor the memory of our ancestros, obtaining a sustainable development for the future generations.

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