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  Public letter to the President of Mesa de Trabajo Afroperuana
lady Congressman Martha Moyano

Lima, 21 of September of 2005


Martha Moyano

President of the “Table of Afroperuana Work”.


Carlos O. Lopez Schmidt, President of CIMARRONES, Global Interétnica Communication; Oswaldo Bilbao Lobatón, Executive Director of the Center of Ethnic Development – CEDET; and Antonio Quispe Rivadeneyra, President of Impelling the Pluriétnica Association of the Communal and Social Development – APEIDO; we went to you in its quality of President of Table of Afroperuana Work, by the following precise reasons:

1) Our institutions, CIMARRONES, CEDET and APEIDO, never comprised of their institution, but to Table Work summoned by the Congress of the Republic year 2004 to commemorate the “Sesquicentenario of the Abolition of the slavery in Peru”. To this space of work “Table of Afroperuana Work” was denominated to him indeed. Many afroperuanas personalities and organizations we went to the call because this Table of Afroperuana Work had the specific objective before indicated and because you were summoned by and congresswomen Afroperuanos Cecilia Tait and Jose Luis Risco, falling to its person the Presidency or conduction of this Table Work due to its parliamentary responsibility of that moment.

2) By particular reasons that she is not worth the trouble to discuss at this moment, you and other people and organizations, decided to form a Civil Association without profit aims (ONG), with he himself name of the space of work before described, which in two of articles of its Statute says exactly in your article 11, “the people or institutions Are active partners that have registered, administered an oath and fulfill the conditions of article 9” and in their Article 12 “those who took part in the foundation and legal constitution of the table of Afroperuana Work, participating actively in the formalization process” and no of our organizations Are partners founders by institutional mandate I participate in this process, thus we were not nor we are integral of this new organization.

3) She has caused to deep indignation the fact to us that you, in his quality of president of Mesa de Trabajo has not destroyed or commanded to destroy the leftover materials of the Commemoration of the Sesquicentenario, specifically the membretado paper, in which we appeared the organizations who we integrated Table of Afroperuana Work of commemoration of the sesquicentenario of the abolition of the slavery. This would not have greater relevance if not outside by the fact that her organization comes using these membretados papers, going to state beings and/or particular, as if CIMARRONES, CEDET and APEIDO, we belonged or we had belonged sometimes to the organization who you direct. We can specifically mention letters sent to the President of the INDEPA in which her organization “Names/Chooses” to the Afroperuanos representatives before this being, as if “they represented” our organizations.

4) By all exposed, the lady President of Table of Afroperuana Work, we demanded to him it retires immediately of the Membretado paper of Table of Afroperuana Work that you preside over, the names of our institutions and sends letters rectificatorias to those people or institutions to those who it has sent correspondence in whom our institutions appear in their membretado paper, indicating that CIMARRONES, CEDET and APEIDO never comprise nor formed of the Civil Organization without Aims of Profit Table of Afroperuana Work. Finally, lady president of Table of Afroperuana Work, we trusted that it will not be necessary to send a Notarial Letter to him demanding the fulfillment of the points that in this one we indicated.


Executive director

PS. CIMARRONES Newton Mori encloses the letter of the plastic artist, demanding to him to Table of Afroperuana Work retires logotipo designed by him, of the membretado paper of Mesa Afroperuana, because they are using it without his consent, violating all their rights.

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