NicomedesWe invited to you to the sustentation of the Doctoral thesis: "Cultural Development of the black population, in relation to the degree of contribution of Nicomedes Santa Cruz Gamarra to the National Education" presented by the Magíster Jose Eusebio Campos Davila.

Day: Wednesday 1 of June
Hour: 11 A.M.
Place: Faculty of Education
University San Martin de Porres
Santa Anita

"Something of most important of the graduated one and that it gives excellence him to his work, is the educative proposal that is come off the necessity to relaunch the work of the prolífico Nicomedes Santa Cruz Gamarra".
Dr Winston Orillo
University professor U.S.M.P.

"The Thesis is important since it recovers a value of our national culture".
Dr Manuel Rotta
Advisory U.S.M. .P.

"I will review the survey to see if it is worth the trouble to respond it"
Humberto Rodriguez Pastor
Negrista - Concytec.

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