Nicomedes Santa Cruz:
Complete works.

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Compiled by Pedro Santa Cruz

Nicomedes Nicomedes Santa Cruz (1925-1992), in addition to being the greater exponent of afroperuana Literature, has one long and successful trajectory like investigator and journalist. All these facets take shelter for the first time in two complete work books published by the publishing house Books in Network:
Nicomedes Santa Cruz. Complete works. Poetry (1949-1989)
572 pages. Price: $31.90
It gathers published poems and tenth in all his books plus a selection of unpublished texts. Without a doubt some is the book most complete surroundings to its poetic work. It includes commentaries of the author.

Nicomedes Santa Cruz. Complete works. Investigation (1958-1991)
540 pages. Price: $31.90
It reunites to his articles in press and studies on Peruvian folklore from 1958 to 1975. But in addition this work counts on the added value to show its works as of 1980 for the first time as they are the texts of his conferences in Mexico, Cuba, Brazil or Spain; the reedición of celebrated studies like “the Black in Ibero-America” (1988); or unpublished “America and its Juglares ” (1985), an exciting continental route of the trovadoresco art. A book exceptional, essential to deepen in the roots of America.

Black song.
124 pages. Price: $20.00
Through a selection of 40 of his poems and tenth most representative ones it tries to be an invitation for all those that look for a first encounter with the Peruvian poet. It includes chronology, bibliography and commentaries of the author.

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The compilation and selection of these texts correspond to Pedro Santa Cruz, son of Nicomedes .

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