Platform of the Afroperuanas Communities taking into account the proposals of the Plan of Work of the Regional Conference of the Américas with respect to the afrodescendientes.

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The Afroperuano Town

Taking into account:

1. That five years of the Regional Conference of the Américas Against Racism, the Racial Discrimination, the Xenophobia and other connected forms of Intolerancia are marked, in which a Plan of Action was determined that includes 17 specific points with respect to the afrodescendientes.

2. That three Regional Public Hearings for the communities with afrodescendiente population have been made in the North, the South and Center, with participation of representatives of the public sector and the civil society.

3. That in these hearings the absence of application of specific measures for the afrodescendiente population of the country has been stated.

4. That the subject of the afrodescendientes in diverse instances of the public sector is being gotten up, as is the case of the intercultural education, justice and human rights, including a the National Institute of Development of the Andean Towns, Amazónicos and Afroperuanos.

5. That the use and necessity to apply the proposals of the Plan of Work of the regional Assembly of Santiago continue being urgent.

6. That racism and the racial discrimination continue pronouncing itself in the diverse scopes of the reality.  

We propose:

For the recognition and public visibilización of the afrodescendientes  

1. To reiterate the necessity to apply the proposals of the Plan of Work of the Regional Assembly of Santiago, on the part of the involved sectors.

2. That the State makes a Public Recognition of the Cultural Tradition Afroperuana like constituent part of the National Culture.

3. That one settles down in the Ministries of Education, Health, Woman and Human Development, Work and Promotion of the Use, Presidency, an Office of Subjects of the Afrodescendientes Towns that can propose, to evaluate and to monitorear political and report to the high direction of the Ministry, also like the incorporation of the thematic responsibility in the rest of public institutions in the dependancy to that correspond subjects of Human rights, Culture, Social Development, and related others.

4. That a Technical Secretariat of Subjects of the Population Afrodescendiente in the regions and macroregions with presence of afrodescendiente population settles down, that takes responsibility of the proposal, monitoreo and evaluation of policies and report to the president of the region or macroregion.

In order to improve the conditions of life and for causing the development

5. That priority occurs to the overcoming of adverse the social conditions that live most of the afroperuanos as a result of the bequeathed oprobioso on the slavery, settling down specific goals in the short and medium term.

6. That the ethnic variable in the official statistics is gotten up, so that means the recognition of the integral contribution in the composition of the nationality and the pride of the ethnic origin, besides to allow an establishment of the social situation.

7. To guarantee the basic services in the rural afroperuanas communities, promoting its development and the reduction of the poverty.

For the Cultural Identity

8. One settles down a National Advice of the Afroperuana Culture that determines the appropriate date and the denomination for the day of the afroperuana culture, proposes and canalizes the studies, investigations and activities that put in relief the contribution of the afroperuana population to the culture of the country.

9. That the Museum of the Culture Afroperuana de Zaña is fortified, talking back it in the other regions with Afroperuana presence offering him resources for the compilation of the afrodescendiente cultural tradition.

10. That the action of the afrodescendientes like constituent part of the national culture and the history of Africa are gotten up in the curricular plans, like important part of the universal culture for the country.

11. To favor the creation of Superior Academic Programs of Afros Studies, in the superior universities, institutes and like specialization.

In order to fight the discrimination

12. That the Code of Ethics Against the Discriminationis perfected and the Racism, that regulates the type of sanctions and a corresponding and decentralized court settles down.

13. To demand to the political parties the incorporation of the subject of the Peruvian afrodescendientes in its plans and policies and to recommend the inclusion of afroperuanos between the proposed candidates.

14. To incorporate to the afroperuanos in the Plan of Equality of Opportunities, and special way to the afroperuanos women and young people.

15. That a special support is gotten up that assures fairness in the administration justice for the afrodescendientes prisoners, accused and criminals.

For the fulfillment of these proposals we determined:  

1. Establishment of an Advice of Monitoring to act like contraparte of the proposals presented/displayed to the State, and that takes these proposals to the Regional Conference of the Américas of year 2006.

2. This Advice will be integrated by representatives of the organizations and afroperuanas communities at national level, being satisfied he himself in the regions to afroperuana population.

3. The conformation of the Council of Monitoring will be by organizations and its purpose will be exclusively the fulfillment of the proposed plan.  

Lima, Perou, 20 of April of 2005  

Representatives of the Council of Monitoring 

The institutions jeopardize in taking ahead the proposals of development of the afrodescendiente Town in Peru are:

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