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Wednesday, 07 of September of 2005

In this number:

Survey: The elections approach to name to the Afroperuanos representatives before the INDEPA. Because its opinion is very important for us, we requested to him votes in the survey on the INDEPA that we offer to him here. If it wishes to know the Law and the Regulation the INDEPA, click here .

Afroperuanas tablets:
Racism in the sky?

  • San Martin de Porras (1579/1639) and Santa Rosa de Lima (1586/1617), were born in Lima, just by 7 years of difference.
  • San Martin got rid of to be enslaved for being “natural” son (not recognized until the 8 years of age) of a Spanish horseman of the Order of Calatrava and of a free Panamanian mulata.
  • Santa Rosa was daughter of an official of the honor guard of the virrey and a Limean.
  • San Martin learned and exerted the offices of barber, dentist and doctor.
  • Santa Rosa took care of the familiar orchard, learned the handling of the curativas grass, in addition she learned to touch the guitar, the ARPA and the zither, which years later would serve to give particular classes to him and to help the support of its family.
  • San Martin wanted to be religious, but as the law prohibited for the black or mulatos, he had to enter like “donated” the Convent of Our Lady of the Rosary, being able to aspire only to the humblest positions within the Community.
  • Santa Rosa was united to the group to seglar of the Dominican ones. She passed his life martyring itself, praying and helping to many patients and needed people.
  • San Martin had great charismas, among them, the prophecy, éxtasis and the bilease (1).
  • Santa Rosa (who while still alive miracles are not known) she passed away in 1617 and she was canonized in 1639, only 54 years after its death.
  • San Martin passed away in 1639 and had to wait for almost three centuries and means (323 years) before being canonized, as much so perhaps much@s of those who read this bulletin prayed thanked for the day of their canonization.

The African arrived at America before Cristóbal Columbus.

  • There are evidences from which the African arrived at America before the Spaniards, but it does not stop to invade, but to deal. It is of all known that the huacos reflected the cosmovisión and the experiences of the original cultures. There are some who they affirm that the “Heads You nail” of Chan Chan, of wide nose and heavy lips, were inspired by the faces of the African navigators who visited them periodically (Chan Chan is located in Trujillo, North zone of Peru, on the brink of madness the sea)
  • They inform to us that in the museum Skill, of Miraflores, it is possible to be appreciated huacos picture with clearly African characteristics. For being this deprived Museum, with paid visits and previous telephone appointment, not yet we have been able to confirm the news, but in the next number of this bulletin we will give greater details them and, if us they allow it, some photography.
  • The first black that arrived “officially” at America was Pietro Alonso, pilot of the Caravel the Girl of Cristóbal Columbus.

Opinion: Katrina hurricane. Like the entire world, we asked ourselves so that of the lack of prevention of the government Bush before a natural phenomenon warned and so that the delay in taking care of the consequences. Also we asked ourselves if the things had been equal to have happened in mainly white populations. While Bush wasted time returning to his house to sleep, many afrodescendientes and Latin poor men died catched by landslides. “We are indignant Sir president and we will be it for a long time even after which our dear city returns to be dry. Our people deserved to be rescued, many that could be evacuated, were left. That is a shame for this government”, published east weekend by means of an open letter the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “The United States of black race will not forget the faults the government, as it either does not make the Gulf of Mexico…” it published BBC World. We are sure that the afrodescendientes nor the poor men will not either forget to it all the nationalities.

(1) Bilocation: It is present at simultaneous of a same person in two different places. Without leaving Lima, San Martin was seen in Africa, in China and Japan, animating to the missionaries who were in difficulty; in addition, while he remained locked up in his cell saw it get next to the bed of certain dyings to console them.

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