It will give opportunity to all the Peruvians

Who did not accede opportunely in the educative system, among them young, young and adolescent who work or those that were forced to leave the studies, and that less have in average 3 years of schooling than those that they do not toil, will have the opportunity to accede to learnings significant and of quality, being combined the studies with the work to thus obtain greater opportunities of use and income in the future, through the Alternative Basic Education.
The regulation of the Alternative Basic Education, that consists of 69 Articles and 8 transitory and complementary dispositions, indicates that this modality of studies will take care of this population of 9 18 years, to young people and adults of 18 to more years and all the greater people of 15 years, within the framework of the Program of Alphabetization.

Public of the country open themselves therefore “to the doors of the educative centers to grant opportunities from study to all the Peruvians, without I distinguish of age, creed or social condition”, indicated the Vice-minister of Pedagogical Management, Idel Vexler, when commenting the approval of the regulation.
The EBA implies more resources, a development and recalificación educational of centers pilots in coordination with the regional and local governments. “It is a real challenge and nonsimple tests to give effective, igualitarias and equitable answers educative to an ample sector of our population”, it indicated the Vice-minister.

Recent statistics indicate that the number of children and children who work in the countryside ascends to 912 thousands 979, of them 392 thousands 851 are women and 520 thousands 128 are men. In the urban zone the number of the infants who work is of 445 thousands 621, being 191 thousand 749 women and 253 thousand 872 men.

To see the Supreme Decree Nro . 015-2004-ED (Spanish)

To see the Regulation of Alternative Basic Education (Spanish)

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